I spy… not one, not two… but THREE Unlike Juliet magazines in this picture!

All right, to be fair, I only know the third one’s whereabouts because I was there. But technically you can see it. Juuuuuust a little bit.

This was taken before John and Chelsey’s rustic barn reception in Bountiful, Utah this past January. A gorgeous venue, no?! This is the stuff Pinterest dreams are made of.


The magazines primarily sat upstairs on the long tables where the guests ate their refreshments, but a couple of them found their way to the main floor. I took some amateurish photos (serious emphasis on the amateurish part) because I was so excited.

Before you get this disturbing image of some narcissistic weirdo crashing weddings for pictures, I should probably add that John and Chelsey are my cousins and I was actually invited. 

Still, though, when people saw me toting my fancy camera (p.s. fancy camera does NOT EQUAL awesome photos), they’d pose for me as though I was the wedding photographer. Whoops.

In an attempt to be less creepy, I kept the camera hidden and preyed upon people who were reading the magazines intensely, sputtered out some line like “hey I made that can I take a picture of you reading it please and thanks sorry to bother you oops that one was blurry let’s try again,” and snapped some pics. Less creepy.

Needless to say, there is a reason you pay talented people like Whitney from Grey Giraffe Photography to take your wedding pictures…

P.S. If you’re still looking for mag #3, look behind the cute boy’s head.


Unlike Juliet custom wedding magazines are the perfect way to share your love story with all of your friends and family. Use them as unique wedding invitations, programs, favors or thank yous. Tell the story of how you met, how he proposed, and so much more

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