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Chelsey & John

I spy... not one, not two... but THREE Unlike Juliet magazines in this picture! All right, to be fair, I only know the third one's whereabouts because I was there. But technically you can see it. Juuuuuust a little bit. This was taken before John and Chelsey's rustic...

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Long Overdue Product Photography

Alli (of Turquoise and Palm photography) is in one of the private Facebook groups I'm a part of - she's a talented lifestyle and family photographer expanding into product photography. When she offered her services to some fellow group members, I jumped at the chance...

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Arizona Bridal Show

This past October, I started toying with the idea of showcasing my magazines at a wedding expo. The price tag - even for a small booth - was a bit daunting, but I decided that it was now or never. So, nearly a thousand dollars and a whole lot of stress later, I...

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What should I include in my custom wedding magazine?

One of the many beautiful things about your custom wedding magazine is the freedom you have to pick and choose what you'd like to include. No two magazines are alike, just like no two couples are alike. We've compiled a list of ideas here to spark your creative brain,...

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